Dr. Andy Barram conducts psychological assessments on youth and adults for therapeutic and legal referrals. Evaluations provide independent and objective assessments of psychological issues. This work is guided by the goal of providing the information needed to confidently proceed with treatment or litigation. Medical professionals, mental health clinicians, and treatment programs staff utilize these evaluations to increase understanding of patients, clarify diagnoses and offer treatment recommendations.

Forensic Evaluation Experience:

Civil Evaluation Experience:

Mental State at Time of Offense Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations
Capacity to Aid and Assist / Competency to Stand Trial Consideration of a Specific Diagnosis or range of Diagnoses
Competency to Waive Miranda Rights Personality Styles
Criminal Responsibility or Mitigating Circumstances Learning Disabilities and Educational Needs
Not Guilty Except for Reason of Insanity / Diminished Capacity Suicide Risk
Sexual Offense / Psychosexual Evaluations Anger Issues / Risk of Violence at the Workplace
Violence Risk / Threat Assessment Adoption Readiness / Suitability to Adopt
Parenting Capacity
Capacities related to Independence / Guardianship
Drug and Alcohol Use Concern
Malingering and Deception
Anger Evaluation

Since opening his Bend practice, Dr. Barram has conducted forensic evaluations and testimony in Deschutes, Crook, Grant, Jefferson, Lake, and Jackson counties. Dr. Barram is centrally located in Bend, and travels within Oregon to conduct psychological evaluations when people desire a quality evaluation from outside their local community. Both defense and prosecution attorneys request Dr. Barram’s professional services.
Psychological assessments use empirically validated tests, comprehensive interviews, behavioral observations, and extensive record reviews. Dr. Barram commits to providing the best professional work by applying relevant research to each individual evaluation. When using any assessment tools lacking empirical validation, the limitations of such instruments are appropriately disclosed in his reports. Dr. Barram continues to pursue professional training and collaboration with colleagues to refine this work and maintain high standards of professionalism. Dr. Barram strives to complete evaluations and reports in efficient manner. Forensic evaluations are structured to the psycho-legal issue and referral questions.