Dr. Barram provides therapy for individuals, both adolescents and adults. Counseling can help people find their way through the challenges of life. Many people seek mental health support to help with depression and anxiety disorders. Other reasons for initiating counseling may range from specific issues to very general or existential distress.

Trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, Dr. Barram works with clients to increase personal awareness and reduce distressing self-talk. Troublesome habits are frequently resolved through counseling. Dr. Barram incorporates principles and approaches of both cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness. Cognitive behavior therapy develops an understanding of people and individualized treatment interventions through exploration of the interaction between thoughts, emotions, and actions. Mindfulness encourages a greater awareness of self with an attitude of acceptance. Insight is promoted with increased compassion for self and reduced distress through deep inner peace.

Many find that counseling provides an opportunity to find success or manage stressors with greater ease. Clients often express a strong resolve for living intentionally with much more awareness of their daily life. These changes lend to positive changes in work, school, and social activities. Therapy is engaged in a collaborative manner where both therapist and client share in the pursuit of meaningful change. Clients are encouraged to use the therapy endeavor as a tool for their own discovery and growth.